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Annin Boris

Annin Boris

He graduated from the Siberian Federal University in the direction of «System Analysis and Management». PhD in Engineering.

He graduated from the Moscow State University, he completed his postgraduate studies in Institute of Hydrodynamics. Doctor in physics and mathematics. Academician of RAS. Now he works in Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics.

Boris D. Annin is a well-known scientist, specialized in mechanics of deformable solids. He has 100 publications (as author or contributing author), including 6 monographs. Annin is best known for his fundamental results in methods of solving of elasto-plastic problems development. He has offered a new approach to the solving of classical problem of elasto-plastic torsion that allowed proving the existence and uniqueness theorem for the solution for the arbitrary convex shape. Using the theory of variational inequalities he has created and realized the effective numerical algorithms for solving the contact elasto-plastic problems on the dynamic loading of the composite boards and the glancing collision of plates. The methods of solving plane elasto-plastic problems on the stress concentration near the holes have been developed and allowed to find the plastic deformation areas near the mine openings on the base of suggested exponential yield condition, which approximates the limit state of rock formations well.