Volume 1, No. 4(22), 2017

Zimin I.I., Valov M.V., Chebotarev V.E.
The principles of submodular design of the unified space platform


Zyuzlikov V.P., Sinilshchikov B.E., Sinilshchikov V.B., Rakitskaya M.V.
Gasodynamic processes in the vent of the launch complex with small depth for the space small-lift rockets


Nozhenkova L.F., Isaeva O.S., Vogorovskiy R.V., Mishurov A.V.
Formation of procedures of the external command-and-software control for testing the spacecraft command-and-measuring system


Dmitriev S.N., Zograf F.G., Levitskiy А.А., Marinushkin P.S., Mockovskih М.S.
Creating the IBIS models for a digital IC based on the experimental data


Dvirnyi V.V., Golovanova V.V., Elfimova M.V., Dvirnyi G.V., Petyaeva N.N.
Spacecraft insurance on the basis of probabilistic risk


Maraev V.S.
Tools for visualization of time series in space research


Volume 1, No. 3(21), 2017

Zyuzlikov V.P., Sinilshchikov B.E., Sinilshchikov V.B., Rakitskaya M.V.
Computational investigation of nonstationary processes at launch of the rocket engine


Pinchuk V.A., Pinchuk A.V.
Resources of increase operational and technical-economic indices of heat-engines


Kolychev A.V., Kernozhitskiy V.A.
Hydrodynamic thermionic converters power plants of spacecrafts with the superlongterm lifecicle


Ivanov V.B., Kholmogorov A.A., Gorbachev O.A.
Analysis of the possibility of using single-frequency GNSS receivers for monitoring of the ionosphere


Kovalyov R.B.
Methods of electronic warfare in space navigation and protection of spacecrafts


Lukonin N.V., Belov O.A., Doronkin D.M., Korobkin A.N., Shestakov I.Y.
The use of non-contact soldering to create a highly reliable precision connection of antenna-feeder devices of spacecraft


Volume 1, No. 2(20), 2017

Kolychev A.V., Kernozhitskiy V.A.
Thermionic method and device of cooling turbine blades of spacecraft gas turbine converters with longtime lifecycle


Sinilshchikov B.E., Sinilshchikov V.B.
Investigation of force and thermal loading of jet deflectors of launch complexes of space rockets during the work of water supply systems


Kovalyov R.B.
Synchronization of on-board scale in spacecraft with GLONASS system time using radionavigation equipment


Pobelyansky A.V., Musteikis A.I., Galadzhun A.A., Kruglov D.S.
Research of the possibility of using parts from heat-resistant plastics and their testing as part of a small-sized gas turbine engine


Tolpegin O.A., Litvinova P.U.
Synthesis of a small spacecraft’s control using a flywheel engine based on the control method with a guide


Morozov E.A., Vilkov Yu.V.
Questions of commercialization of intellectual property in the space industry


Volume 1, No. 1(19), 2017

Testoyedov N.A., Kuzovnikov A.V.
Perspectives and development priorities of the information satellite systems


Mishurov A.V., Panko S.P.
The use of international standards in the design of new tracking, telemetry and command subsystems for spacecrafts


Tashev P., Alexiev N., Manolov V., Cherepanov A.N.
Modifying the liquid phase with nanoscale powders in the process of welding and cladding


Nepomnyashchy O.V., Postnikov A.I., Goreva V.V., Varochkin S.S.
Architecture of onboard control system for small spacecrafts based on network technologies


Ovchinnikov F.V., Sukhotin V.V.
Measurement of a difference phases of signals in satellite communication systems with use of one geostationary artificial earth satellite


Morozov E.A., Vilkov Yu.V., Kiseleva A.N., Dvirnyi V.V., Krushenko G.G.
Improving the system’s efficiency of information and analysis support in the development of satellites: questions of identifying and protection of intellectual property