Volume 2, No. 4(26), 2018

Chebotarev V.E., Derevyanko V.A., Makukha A.V., Bakirov M.T.
Space experiment for precision thermal stabilization of quantum frequency standards for navigation satellites


Zubov T.A., Baskova A.A., Sukhotin V.V.
Formation of structure computer model for assessment of the impact parameters of an onboard relaying complex on a signal


Tsimbal M.S.
Spacecraft velocity determination in nongeostationary mobile satellite communications


Vityaz P.A., Kovaleva S.A., Zhornik V.I., Belotserkovskii M.A., Dubinchuk A.D., Grigoreva T.F., Lyakhov N.Z.
Polymer materials modified with boron carbide B4C and mechanocomposite B4C/W for radiation protection in spacecraft


Churilov G.N., Finnikov K.A., Nikolaev N.S.
Alternative direction of development of rocket plasma engines based on kHz discharge in an electric and magnetic field


Tarasov I.A., Yakovlev I.A., Varnakov S.N., Zharkov S.M., Ovchinnikov S.G.
Ellipsometric control of parameters of multilayer Fe/Si nanostructures during growth


Afanasyev N.I., Lepakova O.K.
The synthesis of composite materials based on MAX-phase Ti3SiC2 containing borides


Pchelyakov O.P.
Semiconductor vacuum technologies in space: history, status, prospects


Volume 2, No. 3(25), 2018

Pchelyakov O.P., Blinov V.V., Nikiforov A.I., Sokolov L.V., Zvorykin L.L.
The creation of a high vacuum zone in the aerodynamic wake behind a protective screen in the conditions of orbital flight on the altitude H = 250 – 400 km


Berns V.A., Levin V.E., Krasnorutsky D.A., Marinin D.A., Zhukov E.P., Malenkova V.V., Lakiza P.A.
Development of a calculation and experimental method for modal analysis of large transformable space structures


Khakhlenkova A.A., Lopatin A.V.
Overview of adapter designs for modern spacecrafts


Zarubin V.S., Zimin V.N., Kuvyrkin G.N.
Temperature state and estimation of deviation in the shape of the spherical shell of the calibration spacecraft in the shadow section of the near-Earth orbit


Afanasyev N.I., Radishevskaya N.I., Lepakova O.K., Nazarova A.Yu., Kitler W.D.
SH-synthesis of TiB2-MgAl2O4 composites for heatresistant coatings


Ivanenko A.A., Tambasov I.A., Shestakov N.P.
Microcolorimeter for measuring the emissivity of thin film high-reflecting samples at cryogenic temperatures


Blinov V.V., Mashanov V.I., Nikiforov A.I., Pridachin D.N., Pchelyakov D.O., Pchelyakov O.P., Sokolov L.V., Titov V.P.
Plant for molecular beam epitaxy «Katun-100»


Losev N.N., Golovkov V.V., Kindyakov D.G., Ulanov R.O., Trunov K.A.
Universal stand for onboard information and navigation complex assembling and testing equipment of the spacecraft «GLONASS-K2»


Volume 2, No. 2(24), 2018

Kolychev A.V., Kernozhitskiy V.A., Unakov L.P., Levihin A.A.
About thermoemission system cooling materials of gas turbine converters blades of spacecrafts


Chebotarev V.E., Kudimov V.I., Konyaev A.V.
Conception of moon satellite navigation system building


Chebotarev V.E., Fateev A.V.
Features of orientation of navigating spacecrafts


Ivanov N.D.
Organization of a high-availability cluster


Mikhov E.D., Ivanov N.D.
Optimization of the core smooth coefficient in the problem of the nonparametric identification


Karavanov A.V., Ivanov N.D.
Software architecture for highly reliable systems


Panko S.P., Polyak M.G.
Research of bit errors, caused by Doppler effect


Volume 2, No. 1(23), 2018

Kolychev A.V., Kernozhitskiy V.A., Unakov L.P., Levihin A.A.
Development of the laboratory sample of the hydrodynamic thermoemission converter of power plants of spacecrafts


Tolmachev A.A., Volkov V.F., Andrianov A.S.
Algorithm of optimal correction of the process of deployment of complex technical complexes of space infrastructure


Tolmachev A.A., Prohorov M.A., Andrianov A.S.
Determination of stability category for distributed automated control systems


Viktorov D.S., Samovolina E.V.
The algorithm of parry failures in the onboard digital computer complexes with the structural and time redundancy


Tyapkin V.N., Ratushnyak V.N., Dmitriev D.D., Gladyshev A.B.
Increase of noise suppression efficiency due to correction of frequency characteristics of receiving channels in the navigation equipment of consumers


Viktorov D.S., Plastinina E.V.
The mathematical description of the functional transformations of a signal with angular modulation in sequentially the connected quantizers of a phase and tension


Viktorov D.S., Zhidkov E.N., Zhidkov R.E.
Methodical approach for evaluation of the number undetected natural semantics defects with the required degree of confidence in the verification of space vehicles on-board computer systems software


Semenov S.A., Semenov V.S., Poddubsky V.V., Zhidkov E.N.
The approach to processing aerospase group objects data into information system with limited capabilities


Ivleva L.P.
Development of the methodical approach to estimation of intellectual property, created by state contracts