Volume 3, No. 4(30), 2019

Taygin V.B., Lopatin А.V.
Method of achievement the high accuracy of the shape of reflectors of mirror antennas of spacecraft


Lukonin N.V., Golovenkin E.N., Dmitriev G.V., Shestakov I.Ya.
Increase of efficiency of actuators of spacecraft thermal control system in outer space


Starostin E.A., Lebedev A.P., Moskovskih M.S., Maslov E.P.
Development of technology to ensure minimal thermal resistance between mating surfaces while simulating outer space conditions


Azin A.V., Kuznetsov S.A., Ponomarev S.A., Ponomarev S.V., Rikkonen S.V.
Simulation of contact interaction of piezoelectric engine elements


Chebotarev V.E., Salomatov Yu.P., Panko V.S., Erokhin A.A., Kuzmin E.V., Ryazantsev R.O.
The satellite distance radiometer with a passive retroreflection of a request radio signal


Vladimirov V.M., Ratushnyak V.N., Vyakhirev V.A., Tyapkin I.V.
Features of scanning the atmosphere and building radar stations of vertical sounding with a low-element antenna array


Volume 3, No. 3(29), 2019

Taygin V.B., Lopatin А.V.
Design of the mirror antenna of a spacecraft with the ultralight high precision size-stable reflector


Ivanov D.S., Meus S.V., Nuralieva A.B., Ovchinnikov A.V., Ovchinnikov M.Yu., Roldugin D.S., Tkachev S.S., Shestoperov A.I., Shestakov S.A., Yakimov E.N.
Attitude control and determination algorithms for the spacecraft with two flexible appendages


Moskvichev V.V., Lepikhin A.M., Burov A.E., Doronin S.V., Moskvichev E.V.
Calculation and experimental assessment of the strength and limit states of composite structures for spacecraft


Chubar A.V., Pozharkova I.N., Ustimenko V.V.
Creation of control algorithms thermal vacuum tests in the SimInTech environment


Yakovlev O.Ya., Malygin D.V.
External thermal modeling satellite platform «Synergy»


Azin A.V., Kuznetsov S.A., Ponomarev S.A., Ponomarev S.V., Rikkonen S.V.
Mathematical modeling of piezoelectric step-engine work


Gornostaev A.I.
Optimization of the structure of the unified multichannel interface temperature control module for measuring instruments of spacecraft


Volume 3, No. 2(28), 2019

Berdnikova N.А., Belov O.А., Lopatin А.V.
Research and optimization of production cycle of high-precision composite spacecraft antenna reflector


Ovchinnikov M.Yu., Roldugin D.S.
Recent advances in the active magnetic control of satellites


Kovel A.A.
Prognostic potential of mathematical experiment planning


Utkin M.N., Saybel A.G.
Modernization of time scale control unit for «Glonass-K2» spacecrafts


Kovalyov R.B., Ratushnyak V.N., Zverev P.Yu.
Research of parameters and calculation of the budget of the radio line in the ground-based system of near navigation on the basis of pseudo-satellites


Chebotarev V.E., Sidorova I.L.
Space technologies – one of the basic bases of innovative development of the siberian region


Volume 3, No. 1(27), 2019

Shilko I.I., Voloshko Yu.B., Ruzhilova O.V., Anisimova O.A.
Analysis of upgrade options for the structure of orbital grouping of the GLONASS system to ensure its competitiveness


Dvirniy V.V., Krushenko G.G., Dvirniy G.V., Shevchuk A.A., Elfimova M.V., Kuznetsova M.S.
Features of components of spacecraft thermal control systems


Myznikova V.A., Ustimenko V.V., Chubar A.V.
Fuzzy controllers construction in the SimInTech environment


Shevchuk A.A., Dvirniy G.V., Krushenko G.G., Dvirniy V.V., Elfimova M.V.
Optical system of perspective led-based solar simulator for spacecraft ground testing applications


Gornostaev A.I.
Problems of unification of multi-channel interface temperature control module for measuring instruments of spacecraft