Volume 7, No. 3(45), 2022

Shirokov A.D., Feoktistov D.A., Oreshenko T.G., Fedorov M.S., Chubar A.V.
Verification of frequency characteristics of load devices declared by the manufacturer


Titova A.S., Sablin A.S., Zagainov M.A., Kuznetsov S.A.
Features of dynamic load analysis of spacecraft rotational drive mechanisms


Shagov A.V., Sukhotin V.V., Zubov T.A.
Computer model of the transponder for the analysis of phase distortions of the signal


Ivanov A.V., Kushnir K.A., Simonova M.S.
Development method of splitting the radio-reflective large-sized reflector surface into cutting patterns made of mesh with coarse cells


Timofeev V.V., Trifanov I.V., Patraev E.V.
Mathematical modeling of cross-corrugated waveguide shell formation


Yatsenko M.Yu., Vorontsov V.A., Ryzhkov V.V.
System engineering research of a multirotor aircraft as a prospective technical means of exploring the atmosphere and surface of the planet Venus


Volume 6, No. 4(42), 2022

Chebotarev V.E., Fatkulin R.F., Dmitriev G.V., Lukonin N.V.
Approach of design of electric heaters used in non hermetically sealed structure spacecrafts


Chen S., Zabolotnov Yu.M.
Robust control of a hub-spoke tethered formation system of microsatellites using Hamilton-Jacobi inequality


Ivanov A.V., Kushnir K.A., Shevchugov V.O., Klimov A.N.
Development of technological equipment for autonomous testing of the shaping structure of the umbrella reflector


Gorbunov A.V., Zheltyshev O.I., Sablin A.S., Zagainov M.A., Kuznetsov S.A.
Features of the development of a simulation model of the gearbox assembly of the spacecraft drive


Udod L.S., Nagovitsin V.N.
Preparation of the surface of parts from titanium alloys for gluing with parts from polymer composite materials


Loskutov E.N., Faida Ia.V., Gubarev A.D.
Optimization and evaluation of the technical readiness of the selective laser melting for the manufacture of space technology components


Morozov N.V., Choni Yu.I., Danilov I.Yu.
Local phase center hodograph of radiating element’s navigation antenna Glonass


Gornostaev A.I.
Measures for attenuation of interference at the level of design of the measuring system of spacecraft


Volume 6, No. 3(41), 2022

Terletsky G.S., Zykov A.O., Taygin V.B.
Analysis of the designs of membrane transformable antennas for spacecraft


Sinilshchikov V.B., Kunavich S.A.
Analytical model of an arched elastomeric shock absorber for use in simulation modeling of systems


Zommer S.A., Kravchunovsky A.P.
Analysis of mechanical properties of spatial truss structures sections


Kashelkin V.V., Demidov A.S., Kapustin E.A.
Assessment of the stress state of round and annular cross-section beams made with different tensile and compressive properties materials


Kabanov А.А.
Model-based development production of rocket and space systems in the context of products in aerospace universities


Katkalov V.B., Morozova M.L.
Served space: new achievements and perspectives


Dremukhin M.A., Nagovitsin V.N.
Strategic planning of the company's development path through the development and manufacture of a ground segment of satellite communications


Volume 6, No. 2(40), 2022

Sorokin D.V., Babkina L.A., Brazgovka O.V.
Designing various-purpose subassemblies based on topological optimization


Kovalenko N.E., Vnukov A.A.
Application of electric thrusters in a spacecraft propulsion system


Girn A.V., Rudenko M.S., Taigin V.B., Mikheev A.E., Ravodina D.V.
The effect of laser surface treatment of titanium samples on the adhesive strength of adhesive joints


Mikhailov M.M., Goronchko V.A.
Optical properties and radiation stability of polypropylene modified with MgO nanoparticles


Timofeev V.V., Trifanov I.V.
Method for calculating the forces required when bending pipes of small cross-section with a rectangular profile


Popov I.P.
Electromagnetic device for spacecraft orientation


Dmitriev D.D., Tyapkin V.N., Fateev Yu.L., Gladyshev A.B., Kremez N.S.
Methods of mutual high-precision navigation based the use of relative modes of anglemeasuring receivers of global navigation satellite systems signals


Kulkov V.M., Firsyuk S.O., Yurov A.M., Tuzikov S.A., Egorov Yu.G., Yoon S.W.
Principles of construction and application areas of small spacecraft based on unified space platforms


Volume 6, No. 1(39), 2022

Yatsenko M.Yu., Vorontsov V.A.
To the question of including additional technical means in the Venus exploration program


Kravchunovsky A.P., Pryanichnikov R.A., Zommer S.A.
Program for calculating the loads generated in spacecraft structure


Dremukhin M.A., Nagovitsin V.N.
Application of additive technologies in mechanical engineering for production of form-forming riggings


Boltov E.A., Elisov N.A., Kumarin A.A., Lomaka I.A., Shafran S.V.
Design of a CubeSat thermal control system for battery module


Gladyshev A.B., Fomin A.N., Ermolenko D.S.
Mobile complex of electronic countermeasures of satellite navigation systems for unmanned aerial vehicles


Myznikova V.A., Ustimenko V.V., Chubar A.V., Solopko I.V.
Mathematical modeling of an unmanned object motion control system in SimInTech environment