№3-4 2016


Use of technology of space relaying of intrasystem communication links in tasks of the organization of a subscriber radio access


1A.O. Shorin, 2A.G. Devlishov, 2A.V. Tourov, 3D.Yu. Chernikov


1Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics
Moscow, Russian Federation
2LLC «Comminform»
Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
3Siberian Federal University
Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation


The principles of creation of distributed system of communication in which as the trunk channel the space communication link is involved, and as system of subscriber access – a broadband radio access in the range 300-450 MHz are considered. Assessment of a possibility of creation and deployment of a similar communication system for the territories in which use of alternative technologies is poor-selling or impossible is carried out. The technology of the experimental assessment of quality of the provided services on the basis of the measurements executed by means of a set of the equipment consisting of the exchange service station of system of a radio access, the personal computer and the receiver of system of satellite navigation is offered. Spectral characteristics of signals when rendering different types of services are received and are given. Requirements to parameters of the space radio bridge by means of which remote BS are connected to a kernel of system are formulated. Features of operation modes of space communication link as trunk segment as a part of systems of a broadband radio access are brought and are analyzed. Possible orbiting parameters of space retranslators for provision of access for subscribers to services of a voice communication and data transfer are stipulated. Ways of overcoming influence of drift of delay period of data packets in space communication link due to installation of fragments of a kernel of system of a broadband radio access as a part of the equipment of the remote base station are offered.


systems of space communication, geosynchronous communication satellite, data transmission rate, signal range, spectral efficiency, relation signal/noise, system of a subscriber radio access


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Shorin A.O., Devlishov A.G., Tourov A.V., Chernikov D.Yu. Use of technology of space relaying of intrasystem communication links in tasks of the organization of a subscriber radio access // The Research of the Science City, 2016, no. 3-4, pp. 39-44.

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