№2 2017


Synthesis of a small spacecraft’s control using a flywheel engine based on the control method with a guide


O.A. Tolpegin, P.U. Litvinova


Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» named after D. F. Ustinov
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


The article is about the control of a small spacecraft using a flywheel engine under the action of perturbations whose statistical properties are unknown but are limited in absolute magnitude. The task is considered as a differential game of two players, the one of them is a single player whose strategy is unknown, there is an outrageous moment, and as another player - a spacecraft whose control it is necessary to select. The peculiarity of the solution lies in the fact that the set of controls of a small spacecraft is divided into two subsets: one subset of controls is used to compensate for perturbations, and the second - to solve the initial problem in the absence of perturbations. The resulting trajectory is called the trajectory of the guide. To divide the set of controls into two is possible in rare cases, therefore in this article a subset of controls is pre-allocated to solve the initial problem in the absence of perturbations, the guide track is constructed, and then, as a result of simulation, an admissible range of perturbations with given statistical properties is determined, under which the solution of the original problem is possible With admissible accuracy. This approach can be used for both linear and nonlinear systems. In the article, this approach is used to stabilize a small spacecraft by pitch angle. The trajectory of the guide's movement is chosen using the method of phase trajectories. The influence of disturbances is estimated from the time of the transient process. Simulation results illustrating the operability of the proposed approach for estimating the influence of perturbations on the control capabilities of a small spacecraft are presented.


small spacecraft, flywheel engine, differential games, control method with guide


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Tolpegin O.A., Litvinova P.U. Synthesis of a small spacecraft’s control using a flywheel engine based on the control method with a guide // The Research of the Science City, 2017, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 82-87.

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