№3 2020


Parametric synthesis of the controller by metaheuristic algorithm in the SimInTech environment


L.A. Mikhaylenko, D.S. Rusin, V.V. Ustimenko, A.V. Chubar


Siberian Federal University
Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation


Efficiency and quality of operation of local automatic control systems as part of an autonomous object is mainly determined by the regulator in their composition and the used control law, for the synthesis of which is necessary to use modern computer-aided design systems. The article presents the results of the application of genetic algorithm as a method of parametric synthesis of the PID-controller implemented in the SimInTech visual dynamic modeling environment, which currently is used by enterprises in the rocket and space sectors of Russian Federation. Object of research is the dynamic negative feedback system on the example of the automatic angular position of artificial satellite control system. The functional scheme and the simplified mathematical model of the system in the form of the transfer functions of its links are presented. The computer model of the system as well as a process of synthesis of the controller are implemented as a package of projects, based on standard blocks and submodels SimInTech. Projects interact using a common signal base, which provides information exchange between projects, making the system model flexible and versatile. An interactive computing environment for programming language Python, Jupyter Notebook, is used as a third-party software. The organization of interaction between SimInTech and Jupyter Notebook is described, scripts of programs for its implementation are presented.


PID-controller, dynamic negative feedback system, modelling, genetic algorithm, SimInTech


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Mikhaylenko L.A., Rusin D.S., Ustimenko V.V., Chubar A.V. Parametric synthesis of the controller by metaheuristic algorithm in the SimInTech environment // Spacecrafts & Technologies, 2020, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 171-177. doi: 10.26732/

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