№4 2021


Protection of precision spacecraft equipment from internal sources of vibration


Yu.A. Zhukov, E.B. Korotkov, S.A. Matveev, N.S. Slobodzyan, O.V. Shirobokov


Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» named after D. F. Ustinov
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


The work is devoted to the protection of a spacecraft from the influence of unacceptable internal vibration sources. The urgency of reducing the vibration activity on board the spacecraft to improve the accuracy of the target equipment is indicated. A particular problem of vibration protection of the spacecraft platform from a vibration source – an electric pump unit of a liquid thermal control system – is being solved. The basic requirements for electric pump unit vibration protection have been determined. Possible ways to reduce the level of vibration excited by the electric pump unit on the surface of the spacecraft fixation are considered. Particular attention is paid to such vibration protection methods as damping and vibration isolation, implemented by installing special vibration protection devices between the source (electric pump unit) and the object (spacecraft) – vibration isolators and vibration dampers. The principles of operation of vibration dampers and vibration isolators, the most common materials for vibration dampers are described. Examples of constructive solutions for linear single-axial vibration isolators are considered, recommendations for the use of promising products are developed. Particularemphasis is placed on the use of metal rubber as a material for vibration isolators. With regard to a specific design of electric pump unit, a diagram of the spatial structure of vibration isolation is proposed. Formulas for calculation are given in detail, a mathematical model of the vibration isolation system is developed. The procedure for calculating the parameters of the system has been formed. Based on the model, the maximum possible level of vibration suppression in the mid-frequency region was determined. Minimum required number of operable pixels was identified for monitoring the water surface with sufficient accuracy and reliability.


spacecraft, electric pump unit, vibration protection, vibration isolator, single-axial vibration system.


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Zhukov Yu.A., Korotkov E.B., Matveev S.A., Slobodzyan N.S., Shirobokov O.V. Protection of precision spacecraft equipment from internal sources of vibration // Spacecrafts & Technologies, 2021, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 217-226. doi: 10.26732/

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