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Wave theory of the laminated plates with approximate consideration of the transverse shear


A.V. Sibiryakov


Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University)
Moscow, Russian Federation


Composite materials are widely used in the production of aircraft for various purposes. Having several unique properties, composites, due to their heterogeneous structure, are poorly resistant to shock loads. Impulse action spreads inside the material in the form of stress waves, which are reflected on internal inhomogeneities, can overlap, and create very significant bursts of stress. This often leads to the well-known types of failure – spalling and delamination. Practice shows that these fractures occur almost immediately after the loading impulse. To verify the spalling strength, it is necessary to consider the initial unsteady phase of the response to the external impulse. There are sufficiently reliable theories to verify this strength; usually, they do not take transverse shear into account, otherwise the solution becomes unnecessarily cumbersome and poorly observable. Nevertheless, attempts are often made to refine the calculations by approximate consideration of transverse shear. This article presents the wave theory of laminated plates with approximate consideration of transverse shear. The possibility of specifying the calculation of impulse-loaded plates is considered. The inconsistency of the resulting model is proved.


laminated plate, impulse loading, theory of Timoshenko.


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