№3 2022


Analytical model of an arched elastomeric shock absorber for use in simulation modeling of systems


V.B. Sinilshchikov, S.A. Kunavich


Baltic State Technical University «VOENMEH» named after D. F. Ustinov
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation


In this paper, a mathematical model for determining the longitudinal and transverse forces (reactions) of an arched elastomeric shock absorber when it is loaded along two axes (compression and transverse displacement of the supporting surfaces) is proposing. The reactions are presented as the sum of independent forces created by its two elastomeric walls. The webs are considered as beams that work in compression, bending and transverse shear, and can also lose stability. The model is phenomenological in nature. The structure of the model is such that in the case of pure compression of the shock absorber, the expression for the static axial reaction automatically satisfies the experimental static force characteristics of compression, which are given in the technical literature. The results of comparing the calculated data obtained by the developed model with the results of calculations in the Ansys Workbench 18.1 finite element analysis package are presented. In the region of deformations until the appearance of additional contact surfaces during buckling, a good agreement is observed. The developed analytical model of an arched elastomeric shock absorber can be used in calculations that require high speed (low computational complexity), in particular, for simulation modeling of systems in various software systems, such as Simulink.


arched elastomeric shock absorber, simulation modeling, analytical model


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