№2 2013


Low-cost satellite launch vehicles (SLVs) – possible new approach


1D. Ninkovic, 2V. Vukasinovic


1Innovation Centre of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia
2Cluster of Serbian Aeronautical Industry
Belgrade, Serbia


This paper is devoted to SLVs, their analysis and possible novel approach to its design. First part consists of existing systems overview and their analysis, taking into account their background (Reusable Systems, Missile Based Expendable Systems, and Original Expendable Systems), and their state of deployment (in use or under development). Based on the analysis, along with analysis of current and/or future trends, novel approach, economy optimization based, to SLVs design, with basic suppositions and possible targets to be achieved, constitutes the second portion of the paper. At the end, corresponding conclusions, regarding benefits, cooperation and security issues is being examined within the conclusions.


satellite, launch Vehicle, SLV, low-cost

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Ninkovic D., Vukasinovic V. Low-cost satellite launch vehicles (SLVs) – possible new approach // The Research of the Science City, 2013, no. 2, pp. 36-42.

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