№3 2014


Providing the long service life for low water/low gas consumption pumps


1V.V. Dvirny, 1G.V. Dvirny, 1A.V. Khnykin, 2V.V. Golovanova, 3G.G. Krushenko


1Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

2The Arsenal Design Bureau named after M. V. Frunze
St. Petersburg, Russia
3Institute Computational Modeling SB RAS
Krasnoyarsk, Russia


The wide use of low water/low gas consumption pumps does not allow their distinct classification based on their use in the SC TCS of any kind. They may be used for both - very long life service which amounts to years and for the short-term period of several minutes. Long life operation assumes the accurate balancing. The choice and the balancing of the pump are determined by the parameters of the system in which they will perform their functions. The main function is to ensure the supply of the propellant with specified flow rate and pressure, not causing microvibrations which have acceleration of g > 10-2.


low water/low gas consumption pump, long life service, balancing

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Dvirny V.V., Dvirny G.V., Khnykin A.V., Golovanova V.V., Krushenko G.G. Providing the long service life for low water/low gas consumption pumps // The Research of the Science City, 2014, no. 3, pp. 12-20.

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