№4 2014


Transparentir colloid network substrate heaters using sol-gel lithography


1,2,3A.S. Voronin, 2,3F.S. Ivanchenko, 3,4M.M. Simunin, 3Yu.V. Fadeev, 2,3A.V. Shiverskiy, 1,3S.V. Khartov


1Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2Siberian Federal University
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
4National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)
Moscow, Russia


The paper presents an advanced cost-effective method for fabrication of transparent conductive coatings on the basis of metallic micronet that is formed on a self-organized pattern. The designed coating has been tested as a transparent heating element and demonstrated ahigh thermal homogeneity and stability of micronet at high capacity (7,5 kWt/m2).


gel sol lithography, micronet, IR heaters, transparent conductive coatings

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Voronin A.S., Ivanchenko F.S., Simunin M.M., Fadeev Yu.V., Shiverskiy A.V., Khartov S.V. Transparentir colloid network substrate heaters using sol-gel lithography // The Research of the Science City, 2014, no. 4, pp. 35-38.

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