Journal «Spacecrafts & Technologies» (ISSN 2618-7957)

«Spacecrafts & Technologies» - a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published quarterly since 2012 (until 2018 under the title «The Research of the Science City»).

By decision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the «Spacecrafts & Technologies» journal on July 11, 2019 entered the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, which should publish the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of PhD.

The journal is registered by the the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (PI certificate number FS 77 - 72862).

The Scope of the journal defines the following scientific areas:

  • Rocket and space equipment
  • New materials and technologies in space equipment
  • Space instrument engineering
  • Space Services
  • Innovations of the space industry

The Aim of the journal is to organize an effective exchange of information on the latest scientific and technological achievements, long-term plans and developments in the space industry between domestic and foreign centers for the development of rocket and space equipment and technologies.

To achieve this Aim, the Editorials of the journal solves and will solve the following tasks:

  • the development of the journal’s content by attracting publications from leading scientists and experts in the space industry, the organization of high-quality double-blind peer review of materials coming to the journal;
  • informing about the publications of the journal in the scientific community by sending new issues of the journal in electronic format to specialized libraries and university departments;
  • organization of open access to the journal archive;
  • involvement of the journal in world scientific activity through partnership with leading scientific events (obtaining the status of an information partner of relevant seminars and conferences);
  • creation on the basis of the journal of a leading expert center in the field of rocket and space equipment and technologies.

The target audience of the journal are university students, research staff of research institutes, as well as specialists of rocket and space technology enterprises.

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