Journal «Spacecrafts & Technologies» (ISSN 2618-7957)

«Spacecrafts & Technologies» - a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published quarterly since 2012 (until 2018 under the title «The Research of the Science City»).

The journal is the official scientific publication of the Technological platform «National Information Satellite System» and registered by the the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (PI certificate number FS 77 - 72862).

The structure of the journal defines the following scientific areas:

  • Rocket and space equipment
  • New materials and technologies in space equipment
  • Space instrument engineering
  • Space Services
  • Innovation and economics of the space industry

The journal is intended to be an accessible medium for the exchange of open information on scientific achievements in the fields of space technology development, application of space activities results, economic aspects of organization of space research and development.

In the work on the journal are involved both specialists of space industry enterprises, as well as scientists from leading universities and research organizations of the Russian Federation, as well as countries of near and far abroad.

For publication in the journal, articles that have not been published before and not submitted to the press in other publications are accepted. Articles selected for publication in the journal undergo double-blind peer review.

Journal articles are indexed in the following systems: